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Keynote presentations, live Q&A sessions, fireside chats & a panel discussion makes the online event dynamic and engaging

Brilliant Business Leaders

Proven enteprise & B2B digital business leaders make up the fabric of the agenda offering real business insights

Intuitive Event Platform

On registration you will receive a log-in to our brand-new event platform for 2021 accessing remotely from anywhere

Live Presentations

Insights from visionary leaders while learning about the latest trends in digital transformation, change management and tools; exploring how to apply these innovative insights and gain unique perspectives.

Key Benefits

Embed business strategies with respect to finance, marketing, human resource and analytics domain to drive value and business impact

Technology Adoption

Leveraging New Technology Adoption as a Competitive Advantage. Learning new tools used in todays business world to adapt to digital transformation

About Us

Digitorama is an online Digital Transformation Symposium organized by MBA program, Department of Management Studies, PES University.


  • With the digitization of society, the significance of digital transformation is a reality.
  • With the fast pace of the modern life more people are turning towards technology.
  • This program brings professional leaders together to learn, explore and share best practices to prepare their organization for change.
  • The program discusses the framework for planning a digital transformation to influence change in an evolving global economy.
  • Speakers from organizations sharing real business use cases
  • Solution Specialists offering their incredible insights into business and digital transformation
  • 4+ hours of presentations, Q&A sessions & panel debates
  • Event summary offering key event highlights and information
  • Remote conference platform that allows you to log in from wherever you may be working
  • Interactive & engaging event that allows you direct communication with the speakers & experts

We aim to enhance awareness about Digital Transformation in various dimensions of the organization and to bridge the gap between industry and institution.



9.00am - 9.30am

Introduction of event and welcome note.

 9:30am – 9.55am

Discussion on Digital Transformation in India.

10.05am - 10.30am

Discussion on Digital Transformation in Analytics Domain. 

10.40am - 11.05am

Discussion on importance of Digital Transformation in Marketing Domain.

11.15pm -11.40pm

Discussion on Digital Transformation in Finance Sectors and Fintech start-ups.



Discussion on digital transformation in everyday life and mental health. How hybrid work is the future, and how will it actually work?

12.15pm – 12.40pm

In this panel session we will welcome our four speakers and our key note speaker to discuss the importance of getting people & culture elements of digital transformation, its impact on entrepreneurship and how to cope up with the upcoming challenges of digital world.


The Online Session finishes.

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Insights on new initiatives, strategies, and challenges in achieving global digital transformation.

Enhancing awareness about digital transformation in various dimensions of an organization.

Emerging technology clusters changing the industries. Adapting to new tools and technologies in various sectors for career growth and excellence.

Scope and growth of digital marketing and its Influence on growth of small businesses,
 and budding entrepreneurs 

Digital transformation integration in fintech 5.0. Key financial services trends in the new age work and block chain technology.

Importance of digital transformation in health care sector. Importance of ML, AI & Robotic Technology for competitive advantage.

Digital Transformation in everyday life and mental Health. Ways to cope with technological transformation. How hybrid works is the future, and how will it actually work? 

Celebrating the 6th year of Digital India Campaign

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